Original Sketches

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My first original anime sketch!! Thanks to Mr. Hiroshi Nagahama, animation director of the Utena TV series, for drawing me this sketch of one of my most favorite characters.

Obtained at Sakura Con 2003.

Original sketch of Lina Inverse by Yoshinobu Yamakawa, animator of the Slayers TV series.  I wasn't planning to bid on anything when we walked into the Sakura Con 2003 charity auction. But when I saw this all bets were off. ^^

I had never even heard of MegaTokyo before a friend dragged us to wait in line for Fred Gallagher's autograph at Sakura Con 2003.  That's where I read the first few chapters of the manga, courtesy of a fan standing in line behind us, and got this cute sketch of Boo the flying squirrel.

A sketch of Yuki the mouse from Fruits Basket!!!  This is so cool considering FB is CG and there is no cel available. Thanks again to Mr. Hiroshi Nagahama, who directed the OP and ED animation of the show.

Menchi !!!

Sketch by Rikudo Koushi, manga artist and creator of Excel Saga .

Obtained at Anime Expo 2003.

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