Wish List

These are cels I am looking for the most. If you have any of them for sale or know someone who does please email me . And even if they are not for sale, I am content with just looking at them in someone else's gallery. ^^ Thanks in advance!


1. Kirika with the white cat from episode 6.

kirika and cat

2. Kirika smiling (I know, I know, there are only what, a dozen of these from the whole series?).

kirika smile

3. Dark Kirika pointing her gun at Altena from episode 24.


4. Nice shots of Chloe in her NOIR ceremonial clothes or her green cloak.

chloe chloe

5. Mireille and her uncle.


6. Any nice NOIR cels in general.

kirika k-m kirika chloe smile dark kirika mireille m-k duel k-m_back-to-back

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

1. A nice shot of Touga (TV or movie).

touga touga touga touga touga

2. Any nice cels from the movie.

utena anthy saionji anthy utena juri miki


1. Nice cel with matching backgrounds, especially from Slayers Next.

2. OP, ED, and eyecatch cels.

lina gourry martina xelloss group gourry zel lina zel

I know what you are probably thinking right now, but hey, they ARE dream cels. ^_-