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group The Slayers Foursome
oversize pan cel

Hanken Cel of Lina
used in the July 1996 Animage
magazine cover story

zel Ameria & Zel
ditching Lina & Gourry to
enjoy a nice hot-pot dinner. ^_~

lina Dilbrand !!

gourry Gourry Attacking
Bank cel

lina Lina
Slayers Next opening cel

ameria Ameria

group Group with Migazia
in the dragon valley

gourry Gourry looking determined
You don't see him like this very often

lina & syphiel Lina & Syphiel
running to Fiburizo's castle
lina & waiter Hold it! I've found the villian who mess up our food (poor waiter ^^).
lina Lina
Starting a fight in a restaurant where Lina is eating is not a smart thing to do...

martina Martina getting an elbow in the stomach from Lina

xeloss Watch out! Xelloss is smiling!

lina & gourry Hmm, where should we eat today ...

gourry Shirtless Gourry! ^^
lina Yes, Lina can be serious when she has to.

gourry Another shirtless Gourry!
This time with a red bow on his hair. ^^

martina Martina
in costume
lon Lord of Nightmare
Can't believe I finally got a
cel of this character

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