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Hanken cel of Lina

This cel was used as the cover
of the October 1997 issue of  "Animage" Japanesse anime

val Valgarv
Try Opening Cel

lina Lina vs Arumesu
Laguna Blade!
xelloss Xelloss
annihilating the enemy
lina Lina, full of confidence
as usual

zel Nice looking shot
of Zelgadis

gourry, lina, zel What kind of used car can I sell you today?
firia Firia the golden dragon

xeloss Xeloss with the light bow
valgav Valgav attacks!

lina & xelloss Xelloss getting what
he deserves ^^

group of 4 The Slayers Foursome

xeloss Xelloss with his staff

firia A concerned Firia looks on ...

gourry ... as Gourry pigs out
lina "Gourry, You are going to get sick if you keep eating like that, you know."

group of 5 The Try group

xeloss Eyes open Xeloss!!

lina & gourry Two-layer cel with Gourry and Lina together

lina Lina reading a letter from
person she fears most ....

lina ... then building a pyramid
at world record speed to hide herself  ^_^

gourry Gourry loosing the
Sword of Light

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